A lesson from Bob @ 3:30am. I can go back to bed a little smarter than when I awoke.

- Joel Chriss

In reaction to Bob Mover's Master Class Post:


As a kid, after watching this amazing video, my first thought would have been, “Wow, I need a lesson with Bob Mover!”; oblivious to the fact I just got one.


However, similar to my mentor’s lessons there is so much candor and nuance in your video that there’s a college degree’s worth

of knowledge imparted in 20 minutes.


Thank you for posting this.

-Michael Rudd

Haha watching this great video at 2:30am..."There are two kinds of people...blowers and no blows...the world is full of no blows". This couldn't be more true, I really liked the way you articulated the importance of the history and personal tastes as well as influences. Dynamics... starting phrases in different places...that was all great, yet you still emphasized the supreme importance of listening and looking to the music for understanding and developing a personal identity. This is the kind of lesson I enjoy hearing as a music student because the music is so much more than just notes. Thanks Mr. Mover!

- Ed Spillane

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