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Learn Real Music from Genuine Masters-2.

The Real Jazz Learning Experience

Bob Mover Welcomes You

"People are always amazed when they hear him play."

- Chet Baker

"Bob Mover's playing and singing has that soulful and melodic shine that I love about the great jazz soloists."
- Chick Corea

"Bob Mover is one of the greatest and most underexposed musicians in the history of Jazz."- Hank Jones

BMA Mission Statement

BMA Mission Statement

Master musician Bob Mover has been a noted Jazz performer and educator for over half a century. His vast experience and the expanse of his knowledge have led to the creation of the Bob Mover Academy of Music (BMA). By assembling a top faculty of fellow “Masters of the Art”, the Academy is proud to present and provide musical insight and education of the highest caliber.

Based in New York City BMA is an international “virtual conservatory” for all levels of students from beginner through professional on all instruments, specializing in Jazz. We offer private study, group workshops, master classes, and more at fair and reasonable prices.


Please go to our index and faculty roster to find a teacher, along with a lesson or a course that is suitable to your needs. We hope to see you soon at BMA.

- Jessy Kaiser,

  Curriculum Consultant &

  Administrative Coordinator at BMA

What We Do

As a teenager I used to sit in with the great Zoot Sims at the famed Half Note in New York. I remember that Zoot sometimes after playing a particularly blazing solo would turn and say with his big gapped tooth grin, “You can sure have fun with these musical instruments!” An understatement that, in its way, said it all! Jazz. It has to be fun! Fun. That makes it Real. Real joy / humor/ romance and dance. Jazz cuts to the heart of things. Jazz is Hearing and Feeling and connecting the two. This process is not as complicated as it is often presented to be. Sonny Rollins once told me that “There are some who understand how to make complexity simple. Then there are others who complicate even the most simple things. This is not just true of music but in life as well.” Our BMA jazz wizards have gained this and other insights through actual bandstand experience with the Real masters of the music.They will show you how to get to the “Zone” where heart/mind/intellect and intuition all meet, and you can genuinely find your own unique feeling. The great Bill Evans once said to me, “In playing Jazz, you have to dig deep inside yourself to find a feeling. That feeling can be elusive but oh, so exhilarating when you do find it.”


Most of our faculty are located in New York City. Up to now you had to come to New York, to live the Jazz life and learn the music. Today, wherever you’re located I invite you to come to New York without having to  “come to New York”. Whether you are a novice or a pro, let us give you the authentic New York Jazz learning experience for the 21st century at the Bob Mover Academy right in your living room.


Catch you on the upbeat!

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